We hosted our first cohort of interns in early 2019 and our second cohort in October of 2019. Our Accelerated Agricultural internship is a very hands-on, interactive and practical farming internship!  We are committed to the success of our interns because their success gets us closer to our mission and vision of nurturing the next generation of food producers on this beautiful island of Kauaʻi. The program design is a hands-on, interactive learning experience connected to real-world farming.

The purpose of the program is to help individuals transition from their current situation into a full or part-time farming opportunity.  This is a paid internship for people of all ages who have experience with either landscaping, home gardening, small farming or farming enthusiast and is NOT for the beginner gardener, some gardening or farming experience is required.  The program is an experiential learning environment for individuals looking for an opportunity to develop a career in agriculture.  There are a total of two sessions with each session being 25 weeks long.

During the first session, interns will learn how to maintain a crop, propagate, and harvest.  They will learn about composting, soil science, equipment handling, and proper documentation required for GAP and Organic certifications.   These teachings will be provided by the Farm Manager, The Maintenance and Field Preparation Specialist, the Worm and Composting on-site partner of AHK, the CEO and the Administrative Director that manage the operations at KCAC, but mostly with hands-on practical learning.

During the second session, the interns will create their own farming business, learn quick books and acquire farm insurance. The intern will then be entrusted to supervise a portion of a crop that they will run as their own. They will then have the opportunity to sign up for KCAC cooperative which will allow them, under contract to farm at KCAC. 

In the first 6 months, the interns study the following topics:

  • Farm Maintenance and Field Preparation
  • Soil Health, Composting and Worm Casting
  • Farm Equipment 1.0
  • Propagation/Direct Seeding
  • Crop Management 1.0
  • Bookkeeping and Activity Tracking 1.0
  • Harvesting/Post Harvesting 1.0


The second 6 months, interns will continue to practice all they learned prior in addition to the following topics: 

  • Farm Maintenance and Composting 2.0
  • FSMA Activity Logs and Advanced Planning 2.0
  • Farm Equipment Maintenance 2.0
  • Crop Management 2.0
  • Farm Branding and Marketing 1.0
  • Farm Business Operations Management 1.0 




There are so many ways that you can get involved in our internship program. We will be accepting applications for our next round of internships in March 2020. To submit an application or to find out more information, please email

While we are always applying for grants to sponsor our intern’s stipends, we also provide the opportunity for individuals to directly sponsor an interns education here at KCAC! For $150 a week, an intern can work 10 hours every week for 50 weeks total studying everything they might need to know to run their farm and more.

Please consider sponsoring an intern and in turn, jumpstarting or furthering the career of our future farmers! Please email for more information on how to get involved.





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Chuck Meek

Cohort 1 Intern
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Jaime Means

Accelerated Agricultural Intern
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Lindsey Soha

Accelerated Agricultural Intern
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Nathan Beltran

Cohort 2 Intern
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La'akea Castelo

Cohort 2 Intern
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Kalani Harada

Cohort 2 Intern
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Ezikio Quintana

Cohort 2 Intern
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Kalei L'hote

Cohort 2 Intern
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