Flood Update: Success and Updates 3 Months Later

Flood Relief: 3 Month Update

  It has been now three months since the historic floods of April impacted our lives.  We are happy to report that for most of our Kalihiwai families, a new sense of normalcy has been attained.  Most of the flood damages have been dealt with and damaged houses are almost all repaired and able to house the families again. To the exception of the Sproat-Akana property who is still in the process of removing the condemned houses and still need fence repair and material hauling.

We are 90% recovered in the Kalihiwai valley but there is still the need for a few to create a long term recovery plan.  And AHK is dedicated to support those families until they are able to secure their future needs.

AHK’s main focus is now to turn to support the greater need of the North Shore and the remediation efforts that are taking place to prevent the negative impact of future disasters but also to deal with systematic issues that are plaguing our communities.  Those include local housing, transportation, infrastructure, and long term job creation.  We are still very limited with our own capacity but are spending as much time as we can to ensure the continued positive direction in our recovery efforts.

We want to once again thank our main partners in the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation as well as the very generous donation from Ace Hardware Princeville, the Hunt group, and the North Shore Lions.  But most of all, we want to acknowledge our continued supporters, individuals that have not only been supportive of AHK’s work but has also donated generously to the flood relief effort.

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